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The banking industry has officially been disrupted. As digital-first institutions and embedded banking services flood the market, traditional institutions are being forced to adapt their digital experiences to keep up with the wave of digital transformation in banking.

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Customers Expect More

Customers increasingly expect banking personalization when it comes to the financial services they use. Institutions must take digital customer engagement seriously to keep a competitive advantage and maintain their existing relationships.

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Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Having a web presence is no longer enough. In order to continue building relationships with your customers, you need to prioritize the work of optimizing online experiences, including embedded banking. Digital Experience Optimization (DXO) does exactly that, helping marketers and brands identify and improve all areas of the digital experience. These expectations put the responsibility on companies to embrace the technology needed to meet these expectations.

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What is DXO?

Digital experience optimization (DXO) means understanding your customers’ needs and continually pushing to deliver the best experience across their customer journey. Investing in DXO differentiates your brand, boosts digital customer engagement and customer loyalty, and leads to bottom-line results.

The Strategic Roadmap

Digital transformation and Digital Experience Optimization are big topics, so where to start? Having a clearly defined strategic roadmap that details an end-to-end solution is a necessary first step to gaining a competitive advantage. Strategic roadmaps detail the data, technology and outcomes necessary to see improved results.

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Unify Your Data

Tear down the walls of your data and gain a comprehensive, unified view of each customer. When you collect and standardize this data, you can leverage it to improve your customers’ journeys across embedded banking services and other touchpoints.

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Know Your Customers

Great banking personalization starts with knowing your customers. Using real-time data, built on first- and zero-party data, financial institutions can understand and segment their customers to provide unique offers to high-value customers.

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Personalize Your Experiences

Activate your marketing data to deliver personalized customer experiences based on real-time customer insights across all digital assets, providing the best possible customer journey and driving digital customer engagement.

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BlastX is an innovative Digital Experience Optimization (DXO) consulting firm. We enable leading brands to understand, optimize, and measurably improve the digital experience provided to their customers. We accomplish this by providing our clients with strategic solutions to unify customer data, increase personalization, and improve marketing activation.

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