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Bridging the Data Gap Without Third-Party Cookies

With the definitive shift away from third-party cookies, organizations must find new ways to understand customers and optimize digital experiences in the moment. By focusing on first- and zero-party data, BlastX enables you to gain key insights and deliver personalization at scale — to build brand trust, create competitive advantage, and accelerate your results — all without a single third-party cookie.

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Stay Ahead of the Pack

Knowing your customers is the key to optimizing experiences, but this requires the right data.

Building personalization strategies on third-party data is no longer an option. Third-party cookies are crumbling fast with Google’s decision to end support, but few brands have a plan for their next steps.

Avoid these negative impacts:

inefficient remarketing icon
Inefficient Remarketing
loss frequency icon
Wasteful Ad Spend
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Lack of Success Measurement

Leading brands understand that the future of digital experience is built on first- and zero-party data — and they’re starting to prepare now. Avoid the impacts of a cookie-less world and ensure your competitive advantage by partnering with BlastX to rebuild your personalization data structure, versus taking a “wait and see” approach.

Zero-party data is that which a customer intentionally and proactively shares with a brand. It can include preference center data, purchase intentions, personal context, and how the individual wants the brand to recognize [them].


The foundational structure for advertising, personalization, and digital experience optimization must be rebuilt.
Brands need to give top priority to first- and zero-party data now.

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Balance Privacy
and Personalization
activate data drive value icon
Activate Data
to Drive Value
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Increase Customer
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Build Brand

Unify Your First-Party Data

Unified Data Fuels a Personalized Experience

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Centralizing data across your organization enables digital experience optimization across all brand touchpoints. De-siloed first-party data is more accurate, provides valuable insights, and is essential for strengthening customer engagement.



Our flexible solution utilizes industry-leading partner technologies to seamlessly integrate with your current marketing technology stack, creating a single customer view for unique personalization opportunities.



Go beyond first-party data to gain valuable insights into your customers’ future intent and preferences. BlastX will help you incorporate critical zero-party data collection into your personalization strategy.

  • Voice of Customer
  • Preference Quizzes
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Account Registration


Deliver highly relevant ads and content to nurture your target audiences through the customer journey, ensuring optimal digital experiences that drive engagement and conversion.

Prepare to Personalize — And Win

By getting ahead of the third-party cookie deprecation with a first- and zero-party data strategy, you’ll have a solid foundation in place to understand your customers, deliver experiences that differentiate your brand, and outpace your competition. BlastX is your solution to digital experience optimization and business transformation

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