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Optimized Digital Experience in Customer Journey Results in Estimated ROI over 1050%

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A popular hospitality brand wanted to put their data to good use for their customers by optimizing the digital experience.


As brands push to maintain the competitive advantage, a focal point for their efforts center around the digital experience. It’s no surprise that given the past few years, customers are seeking greater control, whether it’s the data they allow brands to collect or their expectations around the experience. One of the challenges for brands is to be mindful with the data they collect – meaning not collecting data for the sake of collecting data, but instead putting that data to good use. Our client understood the importance of analyzing their data to uncover meaningful insights. Moreover, they sought to optimize the digital experience based on these insights.

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The company partnered with BlastX for their digital experience optimization (DXO) efforts, including leveraging our expertise for strategy, implementation, data management, customer insights, experience optimization and success measurement. Our DXO experts identified several opportunities to improve the customer journey, starting with the experience customers first engage with on the home page. Knowing how vital it is to ensure a seamless booking journey, BlastX helped the brand test an optimized home page experience that made it easier for users to engage in the booking process. By executing this recommendation as a test instead of a direct implementation, we were able to help the company measure the potential business impact.


The company embraced our recommendations and took necessary steps to act fast through testing. In doing so, they started to see quite a positive impact. In fact, one of the first test recommendations significantly improved bottom-line metrics, bookings by over 28%! This represented a monthly revenue impact of +$280k. Further, our experts calculated the estimated ROI to be over 1050%. Needless to say, the company is motivated to continue partnering with our BlastX experts to help meet customer expectations and drive more value for the business.

Project Overview


  • Use data collected from their customers to optimize digital experiences and gain meaningful insights


  • Identified instances to improve customer journey
  • Optimized the home page to engage booking journey process
  • Executed recommendations as a test to measure business impacts


  • Booking improved by over 28%
  • Monthly revenue impact of +$280k
  • Estimated ROI to be over 1050%

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