Core Values

BlastX Core Values are the foundation on which our Great Place to Work culture is built. They define and guide every aspect of how we work with each other and with our clients.
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Be Passionate (Get in the Flow).

We believe wholeheartedly in loving what we do. Passion is our internal motivator that gets us excited about the work we do, delivering results, evolving, and making our mark. This passion drives synergy and achievement and success across our team.

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Passion is what pushes me to climb higher, go further, work harder, do more. It’s the driving force behind my best work and my proudest achievements.

Brad Millett
Brad Millett
Director, Digital Analytics & Insights


Be yourself and support individuality (show our personality).

We respect and celebrate the uniqueness of each teammate at BlastX Consulting. Being yourself and showing our personalities enriches our culture and our jobs. By nurturing individuality, we’re much stronger together than any one of us on our own.

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I love that I can be the same person at BlastX and away from BlastX. I don’t have to put on a mask (figuratively) when I come to work. I can just be me, and no one at BlastX makes me feel like I shouldn’t be who I am.

TJ Webster
Manager, Martech Engineering & Innovation
fun example


Foster a fun, positive team spirit.

We foster a fun, positive, team spirit that creates lasting relationships and memories. We enjoy the people we work with and the happy work environment making it easier to pursue our passion and achieve meaningful outcomes.

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I live by the words of Bob Ross: ‘It’s life. It’s interesting. It’s fun.’ Each day brings a new opportunity to collaborate with teammates and clients. Embracing every opportunity with a friendly attitude fills every day with something new and fun!

Photo of Anna
Anna Day
Senior Financial Analyst
Grow Wide, Grow Tall

Grow Wide, Grow Tall

Learn and thrive.

No matter where we’re at in our careers, we want to keep growing. We have the opportunity to constantly learn, hone our core area of expertise (depth) and develop a range of new competencies (breadth) to help us thrive.

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Grow wide, grow tall means looking for ways to learn and grow within your role as well as taking on challenges that push you upwards. Growth and learning are life-long experiences we should embrace!

Kim Stevenson
Kim Stevenson
Senior Manager, Project Delivery
plant seeds

Plant Seeds & Nurture Success

Share and help/motivate others.

Teamwork is our cornerstone. We help others be their best through knowledge sharing, mentoring, leadership, or simply lending a hand. We find ways to support one another, help each other grow, and motivate us all to succeed.

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BlastX is a very unique company. It’s filled with such talented individuals who are so full of knowledge and curiosity. I’m truly grateful to be a part of such a wealth of knowledge.

Lisa Werner
Senior People Experience Business Partner

Bring the BAM!

Deliver wow by going beyond.

Paying homage to our roots, BlastX Consulting is known for going above and beyond — what we call the “BAM!” Whether delivering for clients, helping teammates, or contributing to communities, we’re intent on wowing others. In other words, we always bring it.

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Bringing the BAM means breaking boundaries, blowing minds, and smashing goals in every endeavor – leaving a memorable impression on clients, partners, and teammates.

Simone Walker
Simone Walker
Marketing Manager
direct communication

Direct Communication

Use direct communication (authentic and accessible).

Transparency, radical candor and being genuine with our communication is how we hold each other accountable. Every teammate is responsible for what, when and how they communicate, being thoughtful, productive, clear and caring in our conversations. This is equally important internally and externally.

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In the words of Zig Ziglar, ‘You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life.

Donna Treat
VP, People Experience (PX)
embrace change

Embrace Change

Embrace and drive change with small, fast steps.

Our teammates have the courage and resourcefulness to not just embrace change, but to drive it. Taking small, fast steps, we make our company, our work, and each other better every day. After all, EVOLVE is our mantra.

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Embracing change is about taking the events of life and finding the lessons you can learn, then applying those lessons to build a better future.

Jess Johnson
Jess Johnson
Director of Business Development
Test Your Limits

Test Your Limits

Test your limits (be adventurous).

We believe the only way to find out what’s possible — and to grow — is to venture beyond boundaries. We’re not afraid of adventure, failure, or trying new things, because that’s how we learn, innovate, and become stronger.

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Testing your limits means being okay going outside your comfort zone to better your skills and create wins for the company and our clients. Testing your limits builds empowerment and creates growth, opportunity, and long-term value.

Taylor Cruz
Taylor Cruz
Senior Consultant, Digital Analytics & Insights
dream big example

Dream Big, Kick Ass, Yet Be Humble

Kendrick Lamar would be proud.

At BlastX Consulting, we think ahead, and every teammate has the opportunity to influence our evolution with their bold ideas and actions. We believe in ourselves and know that, working together, we’ll succeed for a greater good.

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Dreaming big means having the freedom to think about what you really want to achieve in your career, forgetting about all the reasons why it can’t be a reality, and just going out and taking the steps to get there. Always be aware that self-doubt will be your greatest obstacle – but don’t ever let it stop you.

Photo of Richard
Richard Morrow
Senior Director, Martech Engineering & Technology
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