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Using Personalization to Welcome Back Returning Visitors Drives Success


A popular automotive brand wanted to better meet the expectations of their returning users by personalizing the digital experience.


The company understands that their website visitors often require multiple sessions to fully explore their fleet of vehicles and determine appropriate next steps. Rather than presenting returning visitors with the same “one-size-fits-all” experience when they re-enter the site, the company wanted to personalize the digital experience to make it easier for returning visitors to pick up where they left off.

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The company partnered with Blast to lead its experimentation and personalization efforts, and we effectively collaborated with our client to identify an effective way to personalize the digital experience for returning users. Our efforts focused on the homepage, as a majority of returning users re-enter the site from this page. We understood that across the users’ multiple visits to the site, they were likely to explore different vehicle types. To assist with their search, we leveraged Adobe Target to personalize the homepage with content regarding the vehicle model they were exploring.

The real benefit of this type of personalization campaign was that it updated the digital experience in real time. As a result, the customized experience was not only available to users on subsequent visits, but also within their current session. Moreover, as users navigated between different vehicle models, the homepage content continued to update to reflect the most recent model they were visiting.


The personalization campaign has been a success for the company. At the top of the funnel, homepage engagement for returning users increased 254%. This significant increase in engagement highlights that the personalized digital experience met these users’ expectations by showing their most recent vehicle type. Doing so made it easier for them to re-engage and continue on with their search.

Outcomes were also seen further down the funnel. The company highly values the Build a Vehicle tool completion rate because it indicates a greater level of investment by the user to customize the vehicle so that it’s the right fit. As a result, this metric is viewed as a key step in the customer journey towards purchasing a vehicle (which traditionally happens in-person at the dealerships). Performance for this campaign showed that there was a positive impact on this valuable metric, specifically a 4% increase (99% statistical significance) in Build a Vehicle tool completion rate. Translated into incremental results, this improvement led to an additional 1,300 Build a Vehicle tool completions in just three weeks for the company.

Project Overview


  • Meet the expectations of returning users by personalizing the digital experience


  • Collaborated with the client to determine which part of the site returning users re-enter
  • Leveraged Adobe Target to personalize homepage content for returning users


  • 254% increase in homepage engagement from returning users
  • 4% increase in Build a Vehicle tool completion rate
  • Additional 1,300 Build a Vehicle tool completions

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