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Personalized Recommendations Across the Digital Experience Results in More Than 5x ROI

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A popular health and wellness brand recognized the need to EVOLVE their digital experience in a big way and was looking for ways to scale personalization for their U.S. online stores, with an eye towards eventually expanding it globally.


Our client understands the importance of investing in the right technology to help meet their business goals. As such, the brand added one of the leading personalization platforms, Dynamic Yield, to their marketing technology stack. Having the right technology in place is the first step, but having the necessary expertise to utilize the technology is even more important. Therefore, the company partnered with Blast to help create and execute several Dynamic Yield recommendation templates that could be implemented across all of their U.S. sites. As part of this project, the client wanted templates to be built in a way that their team could access and easily create variations.

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Creating the recommendation modules required custom templates to be built instead of using Dynamic Yield’s templates available “out of the box.” The implementation was even more complicated due to the site’s single page application. Nonetheless, Blast was able to deliver several personalized templates, including various carousel and multi-tab modules. These templates were built for use across the client’s authenticated and unauthenticated customer journeys.

Collaborating cross-functionally, Blast’s optimization and analytics consultants were able to go beyond the default Dynamic Yield-Google Analytics integration to develop a custom advanced enhanced e-commerce analytics integration. This empowered our client to reliably measure the impact of these recommendations in the Google Analytics e-commerce reports alongside all of their other products, understanding the full journey from product impression to purchase.


As of today, the customized templates that Blast created have been used in more than 100 variations of the recommendation modules across our client’s U.S. sites. Moreover, the brand has been able to recognize the value of investing in personalization. In fact, looking at a year’s worth of performance (March 2020 – February 2021), our client achieved more than 5x return on investment, based on revenue driven by users who engaged with a product from the recommendation modules.

Our client has been extremely pleased with the success achieved so far, and they’re continuing to work with Blast to scale their personalization efforts. In fact, the company is looking to Blast to create more custom templates for many of their site components, enabling them to leverage personalization for numerous aspects of the digital experience, including banners, promotions, overlays, and notifications. Finally, based on the success of their U.S. sites, our client is working with Blast to scale their personalization efforts across all of their international sites.

Project Overview


  • Employ personalization to improve their overall digital experience, first in the U.S. and then globally


  • Optimize the current personalization platform, Dynamic Yield, with custom templates for recommendation modules
  • Improve integration with Google Analytics to better measure performance along the customer journey


  • More than 100 variations created with custom templates
  • 5x return on investment, based on revenue driven through recommendation modules
  • Positioned to scale personalization across global sites

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