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Transforming Customer Journey Analytics at Scale: Taking Citizen Experience to New Heights

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A long-tenured renowned federal healthcare agency client was at a crossroads. Google Analytics was changing its platform focus and functionality and could no longer support the needs and demands of the agency’s leadership and CX objectives.


The agency needed a better solution. To move to a more sophisticated solution, they needed a partner to:

  • Provide objective guidance on the best FedRAMP certified analytics platform for their highly regulated, complex environment
  • Manage a time-sensitive, complex, large-scale customer journey analytics data migration and platform implementation initiative
  • Arm their entire organization with expanded access to insights that drive action and continuous citizen experience improvements

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After an extensive needs analysis and vendor capabilities review by BlastX Consulting, the federal healthcare agency chose Adobe Experience Cloud (Adobe Analytics and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics) as its platform of record.

Now the work really started. In less than 10 months BlastX Consulting took this federal healthcare and education agency from platform selection to fully operational in the Adobe Experience Cloud. In that time, we migrated:

  • 30+ sites
  • 15+ data sets
  • 100+ reports
  • Google Analytics (GA 360) historical data.

In addition, we onboarded and trained more than 250 users, integrated Single Sign-On (SSO) and Active Directory sync capabilities, and equipped them with a platform that scales in performance and keeps them ahead of the capabilities curve. This involved coordination with multiple product development teams, including other outside agencies.


Value and Impact Realized: Customer Journey Insights
The real win for this federal healthcare and education agency is the journey insights that are shaping the future of Customer Experience (CX) or, in their case, citizen experience. The ability to join multiple data sets to their web behavioral data opens the door to fully understanding the customer journey. The unified reporting interface from Adobe Customer Journey Analytics is leading to new insights which is driving significant CX improvements.

Agency staff have been impressed with the level of insights generated. Positive team member feedback post-platform migration includes:

  • “I’m finding Adobe Customer Journey Analytics much easier to use than GA!”
  • “I’m excited about our new insights into the customer journey!

Value and Impact Realized: VoC Data Integration
The agency is already making use of its Voice of Customer (VOC) data integration via Qualtrics. It’s combining results with web data and leveraging a unified reporting interface via Adobe Customer Journey Analytics for combined data insights across:

  • VOC survey responses
  • Traffic source/campaigns
  • Goal starts/completions
  • Additional behavioral data

This data enriches the story behind the experience and enables many actions to improve citizen experiences across all their sites. Today this agency has transformed its customer experience capabilities and taken citizen experience to an entirely new level. Better visibility into the broader customer journey and expansive insights beyond just analytics all point to a new, better CX future for this agency. With Adobe Experience Cloud platform in place, a host of potential advancements are now available that can further the federal healthcare agency’s future CX objectives. One immediate opportunity is joining call center data to web and survey data for actionable insights into deeper citizen experiences.

BlastX Consulting continues to partner with this client to ensure they realize that bright future and continue to advance customer experiences for the millions of citizens who count on them.

Project Overview


  • Switch from Google Analytics platform to Adobe Experience Cloud platform to better suit the client’s needs

Solutions Deployed:

  • MarTech Strategy
  • Analytics Platform Implementation
  • Data Orchestration
  • Data Capture Strategies
  • Change Management & Training
  • Event & Customer Journey Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Mapping
  • Solutions Architecture


  • Ability to join multiple data sets to their web behavioral data to understand the customer journey
  • Unified reporting interface from Adobe Customer Journey Analytics leading to CX improvements
  • Making use of its Voice of Customer (VOC) data integration via Qualtrics by combining results with web data and data insights
  • Improved citizen experiences across all their sites

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