Anita Mummert: Adobe Analytics Champion and So Much More

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Published December 27, 2023

Anita Mummert: Adobe Analytics Champion and So Much More

Analytics are the lifeblood of personalized customer experiences—in the right hands, they deliver powerful insights that can positively transform the way customers interact with brands. Adobe Analytics and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics (part of the Adobe Experience Cloud) drive some of the most powerful and sophisticated customer experiences for brands across the globe.

Adobe is an absolute juggernaut in the field of analytics, so becoming an Adobe Analytics Champion is a big deal. This prestigious designation is awarded to a select few—only those who have displayed exceptional expertise within the Adobe Analytics platform.

BlastX Consulting’s own Anita Mummert has been recognized as an Adobe Analytics Champion for 2023-2024. To the teammates and clients who work with Anita on a Daily basis, this well-deserved honor is no surprise—her analytics expertise, gracious knowledge sharing, and commitment to excellence are evident each and every day. It’s who Anita is.

A Lifelong Journey Toward Excellence

Anita is a voracious learner with an unyielding thirst for knowledge at the highest and most practical level. She’s spent more than 20 years mastering her analytics craft. She started her journey using Omniture SiteCatalyst and witnessed its transformation into the Adobe Analytics platform we all know today. In her words, “It was like watching a child grow up.” Only in this case, Anita was using this evolution to help companies make better decisions and deliver better outcomes.

A Career Steeped in Analytics

Anita started her career in Analytics at McClatchy Newspapers. While there, she honed her analytics skills in strategy development, system implementations, training, and advanced reporting across 30 newspapers spanning the United States.

In 2019, Anita attended Adobe Summit for the first time. The exposure to the Adobe Analytics community ignited a fire within her, ultimately prompting her to develop a host of advancements that empowered reporters and drove a new level of insight for the newspaper conglomerate and its reporters.

After more than 20 years working in-house, Anita decided to reach a broader audience with her analytics expertise by joining the ranks of BlastX Consulting. Here, she gets to help multiple clients realize and maximize the full potential of their analytics tool investments. Anita possesses impressive skills and knowledge across numerous analytics platforms, but Adobe Analytics and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics are clear favorites. She’s used her expertise to help large clients successfully navigate from platforms like Google Analytics to Adobe Analytics and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics (CJA).

Anita’s dedication to problem-solving and knowledge-sharing shines through as she helps clients realize new levels of value and impact from their analytics efforts.

The Impact & Influence of an Adobe Analytics Champion

As an Adobe Analytics Champion, Anita is recognized for her personal expertise in addition to the contributions and value she brings to those who work alongside her. Her deep understanding of Adobe Analytics, combined with her expertise and passion for problem-solving, make for a winning combination. Anita’s efforts continually yield valuable insights that drive strategic decision-making and enable exceptional client value and impact.

Anita also generously shares her expertise and experience with the broader Adobe Analytics community. She’s an engaged participant in the Adobe Analytics Champions program. She’s active on Measure Slack and connects with Adobe Product Managers and fellow power users to share learnings, paving the way for insightful discussions and thought leadership. Her newfound status as an Analytics Champion further solidifies her role within this vibrant network, enabling her to share her passion, learn from others, and inspire others. Anita’s appreciation for this program is clear—she notes, “The Adobe Analytics Champions program is pretty amazing. It provides another connection with other users to bounce ideas off of, learn from each other, and help less experienced users.”

Embracing the Future

As Anita embraces her prestigious role as an Adobe Analytics Champion, she’s more eager than ever to continue her own learning journey while leveraging Adobe’s endorsement to educate and inspire more users about Adobe Analytics and CJA. She looks forward to attending Adobe Summit 2024, where she’ll share her expertise and learn from other industry leaders. Anita’s passion, dedication, and deep understanding of analytics will undoubtedly leave a remarkable impact on the digital analytics landscape for years to come.

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