BlastX Consulting Draws Top Talent and Major Brands from Big Consulting in Second Quarter 2023

Christy Mayr VP of Client Success Welcome

Published August 08, 2023

Q2 Performance Further Validates Shift Toward Agile Consulting Solutions to Improve Digital Customer Experience

ROSEVILLE, CA — Blast X Consulting’s relentless focus on customer experience (CX) strategy and performance attracted new brands and new talent in the second quarter of 2023. These Q2 accomplishments underscore a larger industry shift toward more defined engagements leveraging experienced digital consulting expertise—and away from sprawling engagements primarily serviced by junior consultants.

BlastX Consulting’s new VP of Client Success, Christy Mayr, formerly of Avanade, remarked: “My mission is to get clients to articulate the why of what they’re offering their customers—I think that’s critical for optimizing the digital customer experience. But getting to that insight takes a level of collaboration that can be hard to come by in the bigger firms.” Mike Savage, BlastX Consulting’s Chief Growth Officer, put it this way: “We’re David, they’re Goliath. Leading brands are realizing that small is the new big—and that winning the hearts and minds of customers lies in the battle’s outcome, not the size of the army.”

Hiring Mayr was a huge win for BlastX Consulting this past quarter. Mayr’s deep expertise in digital innovation and human-centered design puts BlastX Consulting at the forefront of digital experience competencies—and helps the firm “keep ahead of our client’s next steps. It’s our job to internalize a client’s larger objectives as well as their immediate goal,” said Mayr. This conviction is having a direct effect on the firm’s client roster, according to Savage. “Christy is a problem-solving powerhouse and a real boon for BlastX Consulting clients. She represents a growing list of senior consulting leaders who wanted to shed the weight of big consulting and get back to creating sustained value for leading brands.”

This added leadership and continued drive by the entire BlastX Consulting team yielded many new or expanded client engagements this quarter. These engagements came from industries including learning and development, financial services, hospitality and leisure, and retail/ecommerce, as well as healthcare and the public sector.

This quarter’s outstanding progress validates BlastX Consulting’s strategic mission: to enable brands to optimize digital experiences at every touchpoint along the customer journey. BlastX Consulting is on a quest to advance the state-of-the-art in customer experience, publishing thought leadership insights and recently establishing the BlastX Innovation Center, an operational think tank helping companies leverage new and trending innovations like AI in the customer experience domain. BlastX Consulting will issue an official announcement about the Center later in the month.

“Q2 2023 was an amazing quarter in terms of new clients, client expansion, and leadership acumen,” noted Brian McIntosh, Chief Consulting Officer for BlastX Consulting. “We continue to see strong demand for our services across customer experience strategy creation, MarTech enablement, analytics and insights, and digital experience optimization. We look forward to an outstanding rest of this year as brands continue to demand more attention, higher levels of consulting expertise on engagements, and measurable outcomes for their customer experience improvement investment.”

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