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We help leading brands elevate customer experiences at every digital touchpoint.

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Driving CX Strategy Speedometers

What’s driving your CX Strategy?

Forward-leaning brands who understand their customers are revising their CX strategies leading with data & personalization. Whether this is brand new for you or you’ve been at it a while, we can help.

CX Strategy

CX Strategy

Create your next competitive advantage.

Refine or redefine the digital customer experience (CX) for your brand.


  • CX Strategy & Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Customer & User Research
  • Journey Mapping
Martech Innovation

Martech & Innovation

Transform your Martech stack into a customer intelligence and engagement hub.

Ensure your technology investments propel digital customer experience to the next level.


  • MarTech Technical Strategy
  • Data Engineering & Integration
  • Single View of Customer
  • CDP Activation
  • Digital Analytics Strategy
  • Tag Management
Analytics and Insights Charts

Analytics & Insights

Turn data into meaning, value, and impact.

Your customer data has a story to tell. Equip your company to better understand that story and write the next chapter.


  • Analytics Strategy & Implementation (Descriptive)
  • Exploratory Analysis & Insights (Diagnostic)
  • Strategic Reporting
  • Data Storytelling
Digital Customer Experiences

Digital Experience Optimization

Create and optimize seamless customer experiences and journeys.

Build meaningful digital experiences that transcend the rising expectations of your customers.


  • User Experience Audit
  • Experimentation & Personalization
  • Voice of Customer Analysis
  • SEO Strategy & Optimization

Build a customer experience for your brand.

Don't Settle For Mediocre

Leverage the collective industry-specific and cross-industry expertise of BlastX Consultants. We’ve helped clients in healthcare, finance & banking, retail/eCommerce, hospitality & travel, government, and the public sector transform customer experiences with our services.

Here’s a sample of the cross-industry value and impact we’ve created for leading brands.

Does Amazing Describe the Digital Customer Experience of Your Brand?

It could.

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