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We help leading brands elevate customer experiences at every digital touchpoint.

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Driving CX Strategy Speedometers

What’s driving your CX Strategy?

Forward-leaning brands who understand their customers are revising their CX strategies leading with data & personalization. Whether this is brand new for you or you’ve been at it a while, we can help.

CX Strategy

CX Strategy

Create your next competitive advantage.

Refine or redefine the digital customer experience (CX) for your brand.


  • CX Strategy & Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Customer & User Research
  • Journey Mapping
Martech Innovation

Martech & Innovation

Transform your Martech stack into a customer intelligence and engagement hub.

Ensure your technology investments propel digital customer experience to the next level.


  • MarTech Technical Strategy
  • Data Engineering & Integration
  • Single View of Customer
  • CDP Activation
  • Digital Analytics Strategy
  • Tag Management
Analytics and Insights Charts

Analytics & Insights

Turn data into meaning, value, and impact.

Your customer data has a story to tell. Equip your company to better understand that story and write the next chapter.


  • Data Insights & Storytelling
  • Predictive Modeling
  • AI/ML Strategy
  • Digital Analytics Strategy and Audits
Digital Customer Experiences

Digital Experience Optimization

Create and optimize seamless customer experiences and journeys.

Build meaningful digital experiences that transcend the rising expectations of your customers.


  • User Experience Audit
  • Experimentation & Personalization
  • Voice of Customer Analysis
  • SEO Strategy & Optimization

Build a customer experience for your brand.

Don't Settle For Mediocre

Leverage the collective industry-specific and cross-industry expertise of BlastX Consultants. We’ve helped clients in healthcare, finance & banking, retail/eCommerce, hospitality & travel, government, and the public sector transform customer experiences with our services.

Here’s a sample of the cross-industry value and impact we’ve created for leading brands.

Does Amazing Describe the Digital Customer Experience of Your Brand?

It could.

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