Customer Journey Analytics and the Power of VoC Data

Gaining a robust understanding of customers is a fundamental business requirement in today’s competitive environment. While a significant amount of supplemental data exists to aid this understanding, it often stagnates in isolation from the main Martech stack. Organizations want to hear the Voice of the Customer (VoC) and develop a more complex analysis. Consequently, decision makers are exploring more sophisticated tools to bridge this gap and enhance their insights.

A Forrester 2024 Planning Guide on Customer Experience highlighted that “more than half of US CX leaders plan to build capabilities in technologies that help them understand customer insights and customers’ experience with the brand.” The guide emphasizes the need to utilize connected data from various sources to generate more holistic journey analyses. Adobe Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) has emerged as a trailblazer in shaping this new, empowered reality.

How We Got to CJA (Customer Journey Analytics)

Historically, the process of enriching customer data was done by:

  1. Extracting the clickstream (granular) data from the digital analytics platform
  2. Bringing it into a data warehouse
  3. Partially joining it against known customer data

This is still a valuable approach for many companies. In fact, it’s one that we continue to support for many of our clients. That said, MarTech capabilities have significantly advanced in the past few years. Cutting-edge tools like Adobe CJA offer the potential to join data and democratize access. It meets end users in your company (marketers, analysts, etc.) at their comfort zone – often within a digital analytics platform. Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) facilitates the integration of pivotal customer data such as:

  • Voice of customer (VoC)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Call center interactions
  • Transactions
  • Product metadata
  • Product usage data
  • Social media interactions
  • Marketing campaign performance
  • And much more

In addition, it allows for enriched insights across your organization without intervention from technical or IT resources.

The Power of Adobe Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) and Qualtrics Voice of Customer (VoC) Survey Data: A Case Study

BlastX Consulting recently completed an extensive project for a federal public sector health agency involving Adobe CJA and Qualtrics VoC. The agency utilizes the Adobe Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) platform to gather web behavioral data. The platform also supports integration of supplementary data sets across essential customer data domains, enabling marketing professionals and data analysts to grasp a broader perspective of the customer journey. A core part of this enhanced visibility is realized through multiple connected datasets. BlastX Consulting configured the data pipeline to ingest survey data from the Qualtrics Voice of Customer (VoC) survey tool for this specific federal government agency. We then joined that data with the web behavioral data.

You can leverage Adobe’s Real-Time CDP against the insights you gain from the Adobe CJA and Qualtrics VoC integration to develop targeted campaigns aimed at improving Customer Experiences.

As a result, this healthcare agency has achieved a comprehensive understanding of its customers, with the capability to associate survey responses to web behavior patterns. From the Adobe CJA Workspace, all stakeholders can easily see:

  • Survey performance and results delivered from a unified, consistent tool
  • Survey responses segmented by marketing channel types (and campaigns)
  • Survey responses tied to website goal outcomes

By integrating Adobe CJA and Qualtrics VoC, this public sector health agency has a wealth of insights that can drive interventions and impact. Here’s just one potential scenario executed entirely within Adobe CJA:

  • Create a customer segment cohort of those who submitted a poor site rating via Qualtrics VoC
  • Connect that data with specific experiences that led to that rating
  • Upon analysis, you discover an increase in error events for those with poor ratings
  • Now you’re ready for an intervention!

Let’s take this scenario a step further. With these new insights from the Adobe CJA and Qualtrics VoC integration, you can leverage Adobe’s Real-Time CDP (Customer Data Platform) against these survey response parameters and site behavioral data to develop targeted campaigns aimed at improving Customer Experiences (CX) for those who submitted poor site ratings.

Unlocking Vital Customer Insights: A Unified Approach to Elevating CX

Analyzing Adobe Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) with Qualtrics VoC survey data represents a transformative leap in analyzing Customer Experiences (CX). By linking web behavioral data with quality Voice of Customer (VoC) feedback, this approach uncovers vital insights that would otherwise remain hidden under independent data silos. It empowers analysts to evaluate survey performance, channel effectiveness, and site outcomes from a singular data lens, driving an improved customer experience. Companies that adopt this approach are on the path to cultivate a more contextual, empathic, and personalized customer experience that delights consumers and bolsters loyalty.

By linking web behavioral data with quality Voice of Customer (VoC) feedback, you’ll uncover vital insights that would otherwise remain hidden under isolated data silos.

As formerly disparate data silos merge into one, a genuine view of the customer journey experience is realized. Apart from VoC data, it’s possible to join data from other domains like CRM, marketing campaigns, call centers, sentiment analyses, and more.

BlastX Consulting consistently helps clients harness the power of the most innovative CX strategies and tools to unlock business value and generate insightful results. Together, we can help you do the same.