How to master the art of data storytelling

Join BlastX Consulting’s Matthew Carmean as he walks you through the organizational value and impact created by unlocking the story power of your data. That power already exists within your data, but sometimes you need the right coach and story to actualize the true value.

Data Coaching Defined

People that can clearly share and inspire your organization to change are the unicorns every team needs. This is where a data coach can help to create a data-led story that will improve your brand’s experience offerings.

The Data Coach and Insights Discovery

There are meaningful insights lying in wait within your data, but you need curiosity, time, and determination to find them and extract value. The task might sound daunting, but part of the job of a data story coach is to make the process approachable and digestible.

The Data Coach and Storytelling

Data coaches help business professionals present insights in a meaningful way that prompts their audience to act. We then share principled storytelling techniques to help you to craft a powerful narrative with clean data visuals—one that will inspire your audience to act.

Data Coaching in Action – Putting All the Pieces Together

Data coaching and story creation are a small sampling of the many processes BlastX Consulting uses to address brand pain points along the road to digital transformation. Is your customer experience stellar? BlastX Consulting can ensure your customers experience only the best.